Short-Term, Interim Bridge-To-HUD Loans

A bridge-to-HUD loan is often used as a short-term, interim financing solution that allows borrowers to meet any current expense obligations, quickly close on acquisitions, complete renovations or find new tenants when applying for a HUD-insured loan.

While HUD’s FHA-insured mortgage programs offer many benefits to multifamily developers and healthcare owners/operators, closing a HUD loan can take more time than borrowers would like due to the leverage provided by the program. As a result of the leverage provided, additional due diligence may be required, including documentation, reports, and inspections required by HUD. With access to a HUD bridge loan, owners/operators can still take advantage of the benefits of HUD-insured financing without waiting for the HUD loan to close.

Century Health & Housing Capital maintains relationships with several banks and independent lenders that can provide short-term, interim HUD bridge loans when quick closings are required, or HUD regulations dictate the need for interim financing. We assist our borrowers in developing a HUD bridge loan strategy that enables a timely HUD take-out and ensures HUD compliance.

Providing attractive, short-term HUD bridge loans while considering the client’s long-term financial goals is a significant benefit of working with an experienced HUD lender. Through our bridge-to-HUD relationships, borrowers can receive up to three years of bridge financing while preparing their properties to meet the requirements of FHA-insured financing. 

Century Health & Housing Capital welcomes the opportunity to speak with you to better understand your goals and whether a short-term, interim bridge loan would help you achieve those goals. Our experienced staff will work with you to understand the details of a particular acquisition target or plans for new development or turnaround opportunities so that we can assist you with understanding your financing options.

Learn more about our short-term HUD bridge loan solutions by speaking directly with one of our HUD mortgage program specialists.  Feel free to email [email protected] or call (866) 505‑3861 or one of our staff will reach out to you if you complete the contact request form below.

Bridge-to-HUD Loans